Manage your entire ecosystem

With RivalMap profiles, you can manage information and knowledge on any number of important areas in your market. Create areas for competitors, partners, services, products - it's entirely flexible. Within each area, you can create a limitless number of profiles and organize them easily. Profiles provide a collaborative space for both day-to-day information and ongoing intelligence.


Capture what's important

Instead of scattering information through piles of emails and outdated documents on your intranet, use RivalMap profiles to keep your company's market knowledge in one place. RivalMap makes it easy to build out a knowledge base on a major competitor, for example, and collaboratively create and access anything from a battlecard to their latest financial information.


Harness everyone's knowledge

Let everyone in your company collaborate on creating and updating market profiles, rather than emailing documents and waiting for comments. Any user can edit a shared profile and comment on the existing information. When anyone makes a change to a section of a profile, RivalMap tracks the change and makes it easy to reverse to a previous revision in a few clicks.

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