Make your company smarter and more agile.

Competitors, partners, market trends - it's hard to get everyone in your organization on the same page. RivalMap makes it easy.

Everything in one place

RivalMap manages the market knowledge of everyone in your organization, whether you have ten or ten thousand employees. Share the latest insights, files, news, web clippings and any information that matters to your business.

Use your collective knowledge

Chances are, someone in your company gleaned an important market insight today. Harness your company's collective brain to build the best possible knowledge base on your competitive ecosystem.

Connect all of your teams

Since RivalMap is web-based it's simple for everyone from sales to marketing to access the latest information. RivalMap also plays nice with CRM systems and email, allowing users to share and grab intelligence during their daily flow.

Win more customers

Everyone in your organization can benefit from more actionable information. From the account executive closing a prospect, to the product manager building the roadmap, RivalMap provides the intelligence everyone needs to win.

"...the perfect tool for us to track the list of ever-changing competitors, customers, and industry players that we keep tabs on."

Marty Roberts VP of Marketing, thePlatform
  • Manage team information
  • Clip anything from the web
  • Share important files
  • Broadcast daily email digests
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  • Do it all securely
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