"Before RivalMap came along, competitive information existed on individual desktops, in bits and pieces in our CRM database, and, least helpful of all, in the heads of old-timers. Needless to say, there was no way to add new information, and certainly not in a format that could be accessed by everyone. RivalMap changed that. Now our employees can enter information into an accessible and easy-to-use app so that everyone can see, at a glance, how we rate against each different category of competition." Cameron Powell, VP Strategic Development, EarthClassMail

In most organizations, both historical and breaking market knowledge are scattered across many different sources. Information might be buried in email inboxes, sit in outdated documents, or get lost on general corporate communication tools - and that's if you're lucky. Most likely the vital knowledge is in the heads of the employees, especially those out in front of customers.

RivalMap provides an easy-to-use system for connecting your organization and managing market knowledge. Unlike other collaborative tools like blogs and wikis, RivalMap was built specifically to enable companies to build a community around industry information, and effectively balances a structured knowledge base with easy-to-use collaboration and communication tools. Peace of mind comes from being confident you know what's going on around you, and RivalMap helps your company leverage as much information as possible to make the best decisions.

Centralized competitive & market intelligence

RivalMap makes it easy to gather and broadcast the latest knowledge on your market, competitors, and more.

Collaborative knowledge base

Use the RivalMap profile system to create a collaborative and central knowledge base on any type of entity in your competitive ecosystem. Competing companies, services, products, partners - it's completely customizable. Create templates or custom pages using Wikipedia-style collaboration, and create a comprehensive hub for all of your information.

Social intelligence

Want to gather information from everyone in your company, especially those in the field, as they uncover it? Your employees can quickly share insights, files, news, and more with RivalMap specialized messaging system. Administrators can even create templates to gather structured information like price quotes. More importantly, everyone can stay updated through instant alerts and daily digests through email.

Information available anytime & anywhere

Because RivalMap is cloud-based and lives in your browser and email, it is available to everyone at any time. Stay current on intelligence from any location, and make it easy for everyone in the organization to contribute from wherever they are.

Sales and marketing communications

Need a good way for your sales and marketing teams to collaborate on market knowledge, and not happy with the generic solutions provided in your CRM system? RivalMap helps you connect your customer-facing teams with the most relevant information from their colleagues.

Company-wide messaging

Enable your employees to share relevant information and intelligence as they find it, without overloading their email inboxes. Post a message through email or directly in RivalMap, and create a central place for discussions. User can even share any type of file in a few simple clicks, and make it available to everyone immediately and permanently.

News discovery & social bookmarking

Employees can share the latest news directly form the news engine within RivalMap, or clip a web page or article from anywhere on the web. RivalMap even lets you share multiple links in a single post, so you can group and compile news in meaningful ways. Whenever news needs to be communicated, RivalMap can help you deliver it and capture the resulting discussion.

Accessible through SalesForce and Netsuite CRM

RivalMap integrates directly into SalesForce and Netsuite, so your sales and marketing teams can share and access the latest information without ever leaving their CRM accounts. Users are automatically created and authenticated, so they don't need to remember another set of credentials.

Knowledge management

Your employees hold an immense amount of knowledge in their heads. RivalMap brings the power of collaboration and social networking to help you tap into their collective knowledge and expertise.

Workspace-based collaboration

RivalMap's workspace system allows you to create any number of workspaces, with robust permissions within each workspace. Create ad hoc workspaces for specific projects, or company-wide workspaces for building a collaborative knowledge base on your entire market.

Easy document & file sharing

Upload any type of document in a few clicks and make them immediately available to your colleagues. Share internal documents, competitive whitepapers, screenshot, videos, or PDFs easily through the browser-based application, email, or your CRM system. Every account has 50GB of storage included at no extra charge.

Powerful search

RivalMap can search each workspace for any type of content, including messages shared by colleagues and any information stored in the knowledge base. RivalMap even searches the contents of text-based documents such as office documents and PDF files. Find anything you need in a few seconds.

Business development

New opportunities for both business development and M&A teams are constantly arising in your market. A RivalMap collaborative space makes it easy to keep track of them all, and acts as a central communication hub for the latest info.

Easily managed market overview

Set up one place to keep track of every possible partner or acquisition target. Manage information as a team by collaboratively authoring shared documents in a flexible profile system. Organize profiles of companies and products of interest with tags, and easily search for any information.

Keep everyone updated

RivalMap replaces the need to send emails out to the rest of the team. Post information as it comes in, and your team will have access to it immediately. RivalMap also keeps them in the loop with email digests, instant email alerts, and RSS feeds.

Customizable access controls

Create a private workspace just for your team to share private information, or allow your team to contribute to a workspace with a limited set of viewers. The permission controls in RivalMap make it possible to communicate with your team more privately and effectively.

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